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Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition (ON) manufactures a wide range of premium quality sports supplements and bodybuilding supplements including the World's No1 selling protein - Gold Standard Whey. Founded in 1986, Optimum continues to go from strength to strength, producing all of its own products in state of the art facilities. With unsurpassed integrity for raw ingredients, superior formulations and competitive pricing, its no surprise so many athletes and teams rely on Optimum to deliver top quality supplements.

How does Optimum Nutrition get hold of the greatest and most highly produced whey? They are wholly owned subsidiary of Glanbia. If you haven't heard of Glanbia, they are a leading international cheese and nutritional ingredients group. Not just does their nutritional background come to use, whey is also produced as the liquid that remains when milk has been curdled in order to make cheese. This means that they have access to the finest source of whey, as well as the greatest technology and purification process available. This is part of the reason why their product 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein is produced at such a high bio-availability of protein, while also helping it to be the biggest selling protein in the world. But if you needed any extra reasons, it is also fortified with added BCAA's as well as being topped up with added glutamine, to make it the ultimate post-workout shake.

Unlike all these young upcoming brands that are buying into fads and coming out with interesting products that aren't fully proven, Optimum Nutrition has been around since 1986, with the most well established and proven supplements in the entire world. They were also the first company to ever produce an all-micellar casein formula as a perfect supp to take in the evening before going to bed in order to offer your body a constant supply of protein throughout the night. This innovation and bright thinking has helped them stand the test of time, constantly embracing science and heavy amounts of research to help their supplements evolve with time, in order to constantly improve athletes performance and to increase gains.

Despite Optimum Nutrition being seen as probably the absolute greatest in premium quality, they also try to ensure all their products are affordable for everyone. In order for this to be possible, they have removed the middle man by controlling every step of their production process, this initial cost has proven to be extremely successful in the long run, as the savings are now passed on to you, this can be seen on the SNC Direct website and our prices.

Every step of the process has product quality held in the highest regard. When the raw materials are sourced, ON is proud to only select the most premium, expensive and quality options in order to ensure that their products are the highest quality supplements at the end of the production process, which has been proven again and again. Optimum Nutrition also invested heavily in sophisticated machinery and relevant technology in order to increase purification, improve the process efficiency and to create a level of quality that has set a benchmark for the industry as a whole. Quality assurance professionals are on call across the whole of their production and they check the products daily; the company has NEVER fallen short of the standards expected of them, something that can't be claimed by most other businesses. These are the reasons why you shouldn't shop elsewhere if you really care about what you are putting in your system and feeding your body.

Almost every first time buyer of Optimum Nutrition has gone on to become a full on brand advocate, becoming loyal customers who simply couldn't revert back to the supplements they used to take. This level of strict quality control through the entire process really has helped them to become the world leader in sports nutrition.

Obviously we spoke about 100% Gold Stard Whey Protein as it is the number one selling protein around the world, however they haven't rested on their laurels, as they have produced a number of top sellers. In fact, of our top ten sellers on the entire site, they hold three of the places! The other two are the 100% Casein protein, being the first ever casein protein to exist, plus the micronized creatine. They also have a number of other top sellers which just about missed out on the top ten, including the heavy hitting Serious Mass, their healthy range of ZMA capsules and their BCAA capsules, while they also are constantly releasing new products, such as the recent launch of Platinum Pre, which has absolutely flown off the shelves. Following is a more detailed explanation of a number of their top products.

- 100% Gold Standard Whey: Voted “Protein Powder of the Year” nine times in a row at the awards, this protein is seriously regarded as the highest quality Whey Protein, let alone protein powder in the world. This massively helps with muscle repair, muscle biosynthesis and reduces time spent recovering after a heavy workout. This product can be taken almost at any time, although it is most effective first thing in the morning or straight after your exercise.

- 100% Casein Protein: Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Casein Protein is an extremely effective and high quality slow digesting protein powder. It is another Optimum Nutrition Product that speeds up both the rate at which your muscles repair and also the rate at which new muscle biosynthesises. This product is low in both carbohydrates and sugars, so it is great for those cutting as well as bulking. The best time to take 100% Casein Protein is just before you sleep, so that your muscle are fed throughout the night while you are essentially fasting.

- Micronized Creatine: Optimum Nutrition’s Micronized Creatine Powder is an unflavoured Creatine product with no added fillers or additives. It is made with Creapure Creatine (which is the highest quality Creatine available on the commercial market), which has been Micronized in order to stay suspended in solution for much longer. Creatine both massively improves your strength and your muscle size by providing you with a major pump and allowing for greater blood flow through the muscles. Creatine is backed by a large number of scientific studies and is regarded as one of the leading supplement types in the industry.

- Serious Mass: Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass is a very effective, potent weight gaining formula. It contains 1,250 calories per shake and no added sugar. Each shake also contains 50 grams of a number of different proteins and 250 grams of complex carbohydrates. This can be taken in order to replace meals, or as a dietary supplement. Serious Mass contains over 24 different types of vitamin and mineral. Serious Mass has also been fortified with Creatine, Glutamine and Glutamic Acid in order for you to build lean body muscle mass, rather than simple fat.

- ZMA Capsules: ZMA stands for Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate. Essentially, it contains Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. The combination of these nutrients massively raise anabolic hormone levels while increasing your muscular strength. They are also said to increase endurance levels, promote muscular and bodily growth while helping you to sleep much better. ZMA capsules are perfect for stacking with anything from Creatine to HMC or Glutamine.

- BCAA Capsules: Optimum Nutrition’s BCAA Capsules help to promote lean muscle growth and slow down the rate at which your muscles breakdown. BCAAs stand for Branch Chain Amino Acids – these are the building blocks of protein and therefore all muscle growth in the body. Platinum Pre also contains high doses of Bets Alanine, Leucine and Caffiene. You should take this supplement between 30 and 60 minutes before your workout.

- Platinum Pre: Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Pre-workout formula delays the onset of fatigue and greatly increases your concentration levels. This pre-workout contains Capsicum, which is a powerful stimulant and metabolite, it provides pain relief, has antioxidant properties and strengthens your immune system.

With us stocking all these supplements at the cheapest price for Optimum Nutrition UK products, you really do have to make the most of our remarkable discounts and astonishing special offers. You can also reap rewards from buying in bulk due to our free delivery option when you spend over £50, to any UK address.

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