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Supplements For Rugby

The typical rugby player has to possess a high level of physical fitness to enable them to have effective playing ability. This means that they require strong muscular power, speed, agility and aerobic power. Supplements can help prepare players to be in peak condition both during and pre-season.

In addition the game of rugby requires the ability to pass and carry the ball, tackle, defend and evade; all while working through fatigue. Using sports supplements can keep you energised throughout the game, speed recovery and even increase strength and speed so you can improve your rugby skills without injury.

It’s important to eat a meal containing carbohydrates for energy and protein before kick-off yet eating whole foods can cause gastric distress, especially when nerves are a factor. Nutrition bars or Ready-to-drinks are tasty and convenient to take with you when the game is played away.

Nutrition should be healthy for the most-part due to the high demand placed on rugby players to stay in shape, even in the off-season. Using Meal Replacements helps meet caloric demands and delivers optimal levels of macronutrients.

As rugby players need to be fast and agile to deliver short bursts of speed when running forward with the ball and have the ability to recover quickly between sprints, maintaining relatively low bodyfat is vital. Using Diet supplements can increase energy and also rev up the metabolism so you can get lean without having to reduce calories which may affect performance.

Creatine increases explosive power for kicking the ball and combined with Nitric Oxide can build strength to deal with power needed to tackle or block.

Most rugby players will sweat a lot during a game due to the high energy output from running, kicking and tackling. Hydration pre, during and post-game is vital and Electrolyte drinks can also replace sodium lost through sweat, particularly when playing hot or humid weather.

Energy gels or bars can replenish glycogen during games so you stay energised and taking an energy supplement can even fight off fatigue till the very last minute. Striking a balance between training and recovery will have a major influence on your playing ability.

Amino acids, such as branched chain aminos and L-Glutamine, play an important role in repairing muscle tissue and even reducing overtraining syndrome.

Taking antioxidants can neutralise free radicals which build up when taking on a heavy training load and even reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Multi-vitamins found in the Men’s and Women’s Health categories are gender specific.

Female rugby players would require higher levels of iron whereas male players could benefit from boosting testosterone through the use of Tribulus or ZMA.

As rugby players don’t always wear helmets or padding there is a lot of stress on muscles, bones and joints so protecting yourself with a Joint supplement can prevent injury and strengthen ligaments.

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