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Supplements For Rowing

Whether you’re just starting out in the sport of rowing or you regularly compete in a regattas or head races, rowing requires good nutrition and sports supplements to increase endurance, speed and assist in recovery.

Rowers of all levels need a combination of cardiovascular and anaerobic fitness. There’s no doubt that rowing gets your heart pumping and strength is required to get the most power from every catch and release where every muscle group is challenged.

Athletes can benefit from creatine supplementation which will increase rowing power and agility. Energy & Endurance supplements can also be a powerful ergogenic aid by delaying fatigue and even increasing mental focus.

Pre-workout carbohydrates are a must to sustain energy; however rowers should maintain high carbohydrate diet every day. Sports supplements are ideal for pre-workout as they are easy to digest and you’re less likely to suffer from gastrointestinal problems, especially before important events like regatta where nerves play a role.

Eating good quality carbohydrates and enough protein to aid recovery and repair can be time consuming and Meal replacements, protein shakes and nutrition bars can be a convenient and healthy way to eat well. For training or events lasting beyond one hour it’s important to refuel and restock glycogen with some form of carbohydrate supplement, such as Gels or sports drinks.

This is particularly important for elite rowers who train up to three times per day. Maintaining blood glucose levels during events and training prevents dips in energy and delays fatigue. Rowers can benefit from carbohydrate loading prior to important races or sustained training events. Doing so can increase endurance by increasing the amount of stored glycogen in muscles.

Athlete’s, including rowers, should maintain a good state of hydration all the time but particularly on training and race days. Hot days can dehydrate the body more rapidly and in this instance, and for rowing lasting longer than one hour, use electrolyte drinks to replace water and lost minerals like sodium and potassium.

After you get off the water you should aim to refuel your body within 30-60 minutes for more effective recovery and rehydration. The repetitive rowing action can put strain on joints such as knees and the spine and cause inflammation and this may even lead to further injury such as back pain from using poor form when rowing.

Taking a Joint supplement can protect joints, tendons and ligaments so you stay strong and without injury. Further insurance can be found in Multi-vitamins, and even Brain and Immune support to boost overall health and optimise your diet.

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