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Supplements For Mixed Martial Arts

MMA fighters are among the best-trained and conditioned athletes in the world and whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting the sport, supplements can give you the edge when it comes to strength, stamina and recovery to take your training and fights to the next level.

Intense training is no joke to the serious MMA fighter and a vital component of their training regimen is optimal diet and nutrition. It is essential that the right nutrients are delivered to the cells for the body to effectively repair and rebuild.

Good nutrition improves performance level and if you have the right fuel in you, then you can train more intensely and fight harder. Whether grappling or striking is your style, each training session must cover all types of martial arts to get you in shape for whatever your opponent throws your way.

For this reason recovery is paramount and protein is vital to fighters to repair the damage done to muscles during intense rounds and training. Fighters should take in a high protein source before during and immediately following a serious training routine.

Meal Replacements and Ready to Drinks combine high amounts of protein with energy-giving carbs to speed recovery and stop muscle soreness. Branched Chain Amino acids provide both an energy source as well as having a strong anti-catabolic effect.
Every MMA athlete fights within a certain weight class and to be able to compete they must be under a certain weight, with the exception of heavyweight. To cut weight before every fight would cause a lot of stress on the body and affect training so it’s ideal for fighters to maintain low bodyfat for this highly intense sport.

Diet products, such as pills, diet nutrition bars and low carb Meal replacements can help you stick to a nutritious, yet low fat plan so you can stay in shape all season. Regardless of your weight class, you need the fitness and stamina to last through the rounds with at least a victory, at best a knockout or submission!

Pre-Workout supplements can give you the energy to last through the bout without losing your competitive edge. Due to the varied styles of martial arts you need a mix of strength, speed, agility and flexibility.

MMA fighters are known for their elaborate foot & hand maneuvers, quick jabs, combinations & knockout punches as well as hand to hand combat to take down your partner incorporating joint locks such as the Kimura or KneeBar. Having to combine the variety of styles means that training must work on both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Strength is paramount to overpower your partner and Nitric Oxide and Creatine can both increase muscle mass to get you big, without any bulk that would slow you down. Our All-in-One products often combine both these high octane muscle gain ingredients to give you more bang for your buck.

Fighters have to push the limits of endurance and strength training in order to stay on top. A fighter needs to sharpen technique and reflexes; build muscle strength, speed and endurance. Testosterone Support supplements like ZMA and Tribulus not only help you pack on mass but increase aggression and confidence so you’ll be unstoppable in the ring.

The demanding nature of this sport means that your body suffers from a lot of stress, if you are constantly getting sick then you will be missing important training sessions so a good Multi-Vitamin can make up for shortfalls in your diet and improve immunity to illness.

Lastly, Joint supplements are a vital component due to the wear and tear on tendons and ligaments and to prevent injury.

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